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They ask for transparency in the election of the president of Osinergmin

They ask for transparency in the election of the president of Osinergmin

The Union of Employees of the Supervisory Agency for Investment in Energy and Mining (SIEP-Osinergmin) demanded that the Head of State, Pedro Castillo, and the Presidency of the Council of Ministers (CPM) transparency in the election process of the new President of the entity, whose designation will be made official tomorrow, March 22.

The union described as “serious and worrying” the complaints received about acts of corruption and takeover by a political party of strategic public institutions, as well as “the capture plans of the regulator”.

In this sense, Pilar Merino, general secretary of SIEP-Osinergmin, told The Republic that due to the alleged irregularities in the evaluation process, they are “asking for the publication of the list of applicants and the recording of the interviews finals”.

To be president of Osinergmin, a minimum of 10 years of professional experience is required, of which at least three must be in management positions and no less than five in areas related to the competence of the regulatory entity. However, Merino stated that in the first list, which included more than 15 eligible applicants, there were people who did not meet the required profile. However, he denounced that the current president of the institution, James Mendoza, was disqualified at this stage of the process.

Along these lines, he added that among the four finalists selected for the personal interview phase, which took place on Friday, March 18, there are applicants who are involved in research processes.

“We have, for example, Alfredo Dammert, who was president of Osinergmin and has an investigation into the case of Chinchero”, precise.

Another element that was strange to labor union is that, in this year’s evaluation, about 70% of the questions are related to the State Procurement Law, in contrast to previous processes, where most have to do with the powers of the regulatory body.

The data

Period. Osinergmin’s new executive president will be in charge of the institution for the next five years. Reception of applications began on February 2.

Source: Larepublica

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