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Las Bambas and the Chuicuni community reach an agreement

Las Bambas and the Chuicuni community reach an agreement

The demonstrations in Cuajone, a Southern Peru company, will continue despite the fact that on Friday the start of a dialogue table was achieved, after a meeting of the high-level commission, led by the Minister of Energy and Mines, Carlos Palacios, the firm and representatives of the peasant community of Tumilaca, Pocata, Coscore and Tala, who accept a fight against the transnational for the alleged usurpation of their land since February 11.

According to the minutes of the appointment published by the Moquegua Rotary Newspaper, in addition to the start of the table that will have to be made official by ministerial resolution; the community is committed to unlocking the railway where the ore extracted from Cuajone transits; in addition to nullifying the closure of the valves of the Viña Blanca dam.

However, the president of the community, Iván Mendoza, confirmed that the assembly of the same did not endorse the act by not having considered their list of claims.

“That act is made by the Government and Southern, they work in collusion. Therefore, we are not going to lift any measures”, warned the leader to The Republic.

Las Bambas in truce

Las Bambas and the Chuicuni community reached an agreement that lifted the blockade of the Southern Mining Corridor.

“After six days of struggle we have reached a consensus, but we have made it clear (to MMG and the State) that we want serious agreements,” David Huillca, president of the community, told this media outlet.

What has been done and remains to be done

Iván Mendoza demands the presence of President Pedro Castillo and Premier Aníbal Torres.

David Huillca announced that there are still 10 work tables ahead. The next meeting will be held on March 24 and the presence of Edwin Amoretti, manager of Las Bambas, was announced.

Urinsaya also lifted the blockade in the Southern Mining Corridor.

Source: Larepublica

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