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Arequipa: dairy farmers block the Panamericana Sur highway during a strike

Arequipa: dairy farmers block the Panamericana Sur highway during a strike

Dairy farmers from different sectors in Arequipa abide by a strike this Tuesday in the South Pan-American Highway. The protest action will have a preventive duration of 12 hours and seeks to expose before the Executive its problems on the sale of fresh milk. They demand regulation and fair payment from dairy companies.

This Tuesday, the ranchers concentrated in the El Alto sector, at the entrance to El Pedregal. With banners and blocking the road, they ask that their demands be met. Meanwhile, personnel from the PNP’s Special Services Unit (USE) are in place to protect the area. It should be noted that traffic is stopped for a few minutes and then vehicles are allowed to pass.

“We are totally bankrupt, we generate employment and produce food, this situation should not be allowed by the Government. We Peruvians cannot go on like this, but the dairy industry does not pay the fair price and pays more than S/ 2 for foreign powdered milk”, were some of the requests made by dairy farmers to the local press.

They also reported that the price of fresh milk remains at S/ 1.00, but over time the cost of production rose to S/ 1.80. They added that this imbalance is leading them to bankruptcy.

“If you don’t go on strike, if you don’t apply pressure, you don’t have the support of the government. The guano is worth more for the milk. We are tired,” said veterinarian Gianni Simoni Rosas, president of the Regional Milk Council of the Arequipa Region, to local media.

The stoppage observed by dairy farmers is carried out at the national level and is preventive. Protestants detailed that, if no answers were obtained from the Executive, they would adopt stricter measures.

Source: Larepublica

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