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Llempen: If Palo Redondo is not finished, 220 million dollars could be lost

Llempen: If Palo Redondo is not finished, 220 million dollars could be lost

The regional governor of La Libertad, Manuel Llempen Coronel, stated that the only thing missing is the political decision of the country’s president, Pedro Castillo Terrones, to restart the works of the third stage of the Chavimochic Special Project (PECh) and to complete the Palo Redondo Dam, in the province of Viru; Otherwise, he indicated, the $220 million invested in these works could be lost in the face of a new El Niño Phenomenon, such as the one in 2017.

“The company construction company Novonor (ex-Odebrecht) will assume 100% of the risk of the work by resuming the work, which is already more than 70% complete, and they will not charge extra costs,” Llempen told reporters, adding that before, the concessionaire had asked for eight months to restart the work and two years to finish the dam.

Manuel Llempen asks President Castillo to make a decision. Photo: GRLL

“Now they are determined to do it as soon as possible, noting that they can restart work in 45 days and finish construction in 18 months,” the governor explained.

As reported, Novonor made its proposal in Lima, at the Ministry of Agrarian Development and Irrigation (Midagri), where they were flat on suspending the ruling on the arbitral awardwhat would be missing is the final addendum.

“This addendum will be signed clearly establishing the resolution of the contract, by mutual agreement, without economic responsibilities and that the arbitration is cancelled. These conditions will be established with total clarity in the document”, explained Llempen.

Last weekend, the regional deputy governor Ever Cadenillas visited Palo Redondo together with the Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism, Roberto Sánchez. It is hoped that after Sánchez’s supervision, the central government will now have a broader and more exact context of the importance of the dam, the progress made and that the president be informed so that he adopts the final decision.

Source: Larepublica

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