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Fuels will rise more than 14% this week

Fuels will rise by more than 14.00% this week, according to the latest reference price report published yesterday by Osinergmin.

A) Yes, diesel for vehicular use (diesel B5 0-2500 ppm) will become more expensive by S/ 1.78 (14.57%) and will reach S/ 14.34 per gallon. Meanwhile, the gasohol of 97 will go from S/ 11.42 to S/ 12.55; gasohol 95 will reach S/ 12.37, while gasohol 90 will reach S/ 12.09 and gasohol 84 will be at S/ 11.55, exactly, S/ 1.00 more than the week pass.

The increase that will be reflected in the wholesale prices that Petroperú and Repsol will publish next Thursday and that will later be transferred to the taps, also includes LPG that will rise S / 0.17 and reach S / 3.62 per kilo.

It should be underlined that both the diesel intended for transport and the LPG packaging (10-kilo ball) are within the Fuel Price Stabilization Fund, therefore, this mechanism will absorb upward variations so that they do not reach the final consumer.

In this context, the president of the Council of Ministers, Aníbal Torres, revealed over the weekend that the Executive is evaluating changes in the Selective Consumption Tax (ISC) that applies to fuels.

“We are with (the Ministry of) Economy studying the Selective Consumption Tax. A series of measures to alleviate this reality that we have not caused it, but that it is a consequence of external elements”, he mentioned in dialogue with TV Peru.

Along these lines, Gustavo Navarro, former director general of Hydrocarbons, pointed out that due to the latest increases, the State is charging more in soles for fuel taxes, so readjusting the ISC would not affect the fiscal box. .

“Since this tax is a percentage of the base price, the State is charging more money. There is no reason why, in an emergency situation like the current one, more is charged for gasoline, so, without the need to affect the fiscal box, it is necessary to calculate how much the treasury charged a few months ago and make the adjustment so that it is keep charging that.”

In addition, he stressed that it is a measure “very fast because a supreme decree is enough and it is already in force the next day” and that the impact on prices would be immediate.

The data

Taxes. Currently, fuels are taxed by the selective consumption tax, the tax on filming and the general sales tax (IGV).

Source: Larepublica


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