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Social dialogue: what do the workers, companies and the Executive propose as the CNT’s agenda?

Social dialogue: what do the workers, companies and the Executive propose as the CNT’s agenda?

Last Thursday, March 10, the coordinators of the group of workers, businessmen and representatives of the Executive power held a meeting, which was chaired by the head of the Ministry of Labor and Employment Promotion (MTPE), Betssy Chávez. The objective was to define the agenda that will be discussed in the sessions of the National Council for Labor and Employment Promotion (CNTPE).

Julio César Bazán, president of the Unitary Central of Workers of Peru (CUT), told The Republic that in the event it was agreed to formally discuss a joint declaration of participation in the CNTPE and the unrestricted respect of the agreements that are adopted in this tripartite space.

Likewise, the workers, business associations and the Executive promised to debate the agenda that in the following months will be addressed within the CNTPE.

The proposed schedule

During the tripartite meeting, the representatives of the workers, employers and the Government presented their proposals for the agenda to be debated in the CNTPE.

In the case of the workers, Bazán specified that they have proposed discussing urgent issues that are framed in the decent job.

In detail, the union leader proposed addressing youth employment and the transition from informality to formality, as well as the adjustment of the minimum living wage (RMV), which has been stagnant for four years. Likewise, it considered that labor regulations should be addressed, such as the General Labor Law or Labor Code, the General Law on Safety and Health at Work, and the Law on Administrative Labor Procedures.

Another point he suggested was that a comprehensive reform of social security be discussed. “We have to see how the issues of health benefits, pensions, accidents, social protection issues are,” Bazán mentioned. Likewise, he added that a strengthening of social actors was also proposed.

On the side of the business associationsJulio César Bazán indicated that the requested points were in line with labor outsourcing and the recent Supreme Decree No. 001-2022-TR, which establishes that it is not used in the neuralgic activities or business core of the companies.

In addition, they would have requested that the formula for adjusting the minimum wage, so that it can be implemented later.

Finally, from the Executive they defended the changes to the regulation of labor outsourcing and proposed that part of the agenda in the CNTPE be the increase of the RMV.

Source: Larepublica

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