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Sunat: influencers and youtubers must declare their income and pay taxes

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Influencers, youtubers or people who carry out any economic activity on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, among others must declare their income and pay taxes for advertising or sponsorship concepts, according to the National Superintendency of Customs and Tax Administration (Sunat).

The agency pointed out that said citizens generate income on digital platforms by the number of followers, whether in the sale of products, monetization of their videos or paid promotion, that is, generate third category income, taxed at a rate of up to 29.5%, a percentage that many companies do.

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In the case of those who claim to generate a fourth category income (8%), only those who are just starting their activities and do not carry them out constantly can be considered.

Through a video on Twitter, the entity provided the steps to follow and urged compliance with tax obligations, which will contribute to the growth of the country.

  • You must register in the RUC as a natural person with a business or legal entity.
  • Issue electronic payment vouchers for your earned income.
  • Choose a tax regime according to your activity and income level.
  • Change the tax regime if you exceed the maximum annual income limit.
  • Declare and pay taxes in a timely manner.
  • Keep accounting books depending on the tax regime you have chosen.
  • Request proof of payment (invoices) only for purchases related to the line of your business.

If you comply with all your tax obligations, your business will be formal and you will obtain the following benefits:

  • Access financial credits
  • Strengthen and grow your business activity.
  • Contribute to the reactivation of economic activities for the benefit of the country.
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