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LIVE exchange rate: look at the price of the dollar TODAY, Friday, March 11

LIVE exchange rate: look at the price of the dollar TODAY, Friday, March 11

meet the price of the dollar in Peru today, Friday, March 11, 2022, for purchase and sale in the parallel market and the main banks in the country. The greenback opened with a price of S / 3.7114, according to the Bloomberg portal. Meanwhile, during yesterday’s session, the dollar closed at S/ 3,713, reported the Central Reserve Bank of Peru (BCRP).

This Wednesday, US$ 253 million were traded in the market at an average price of S/ 3.7140. The Lima Stock Exchange (BVL) began the previous day with most of its indicators in negative: 5 indices in green, 4 without variation and 7 in red. The S&P/BVL Peru General index, the most representative of the Lima stock market, advanced by 0.40% to 24,674.43 points at the beginning of operations.

The Economy Commission, Banking, Finance and Financial Intelligence of Congress approved with 7 votes in favor and 4 against the opinion that modifies the law for the return of money from Fonavi. This draft standard prioritizes the most vulnerable population against COVID-19. This would involve an allocation of S/ 42,000 million, which had previously been observed by the Executive.

Globally, this Thursday the International Monetary Fund (IMF) He suggested the possibility of Russia going bankrupt due to the economic sanctions imposed by the rest of the countries for its invasion of Ukraine, and warned that the Russian economy is already contracting and is headed for a deep recession.

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