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Partners want to avoid liquidation of Credicoop Arequipa to rehabilitate it

Partners want to avoid liquidation of Credicoop Arequipa to rehabilitate it

The members of the Savings and Credit Cooperative (Coopac) Credicoop Arequipa aim to rehabilitate it, and for that reason they are against the Superintendence of Banking, Insurance and AFP (SBS) starting the process of liquidation of its workers and the return of savings to partners. This was announced by Ubaldo Tevez García, new president of the Affected Savers Association of Credicoop Arequipa.

The saver explained that if the SBS insists on liquidating the liquid capital of S/ 30 million, dividing it among the partners, they would lose the opportunity to rehabilitate Coopac. “For us to start the rehabilitation process we need at least 10% of the entire capital of Credicoop, which was about 508 million soles; that is, about S/ 50.8 million. If the money is distributed, then those of us who want to rehabilitate Credicoop would have to put it back out of our pocket, ”he added.

Tevez García reported that they also need to demonstrate that they bring together at least 50% of the partners that Credicoop had only in Arequipa. “So far we have registered more than 2,000 people and 1,750 have submitted their savings transfer letter to the legal entity of the Association of Affected Savers of Credicoop Arequipa. This means that we have a 30% representativeness. We still need to summon at least a thousand more partners”, he said.

The SBS sent a statement indicating that within 30 days it will have the list of savers to whom their funds will be returned. This unless the partners present their rehabilitation plan. Tevez García described this maneuver as “malicious” by the SBS. “They have tried to liquidate the workers and we have not allowed it. Nor will we allow the partners to be liquidated.

Source: Larepublica

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