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Fonavi: Executive proposes to return from S/ 420 to S/ 700 on account of the contributor

Fonavi: Executive proposes to return from S/ 420 to S/ 700 on account of the contributor

The Executive Power today approved the bill referring to the immediate return of contributions to the National Housing Fund (Fonavi). Said proposal comes after the government has observed a Legislative initiative that sought to return the contributions of the worker, employer and State.

In this regard, the head of the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF), Oscar Graham, explained that this alternative, which will be presented to the Congress of the Republica, will allow the fans to have immediate availability of money.

Likewise, the official explained that, if the project of the Executiveeach fonavista would receive an average immediate refund of S/ 420 to S/ 700.

“The bill that we will send to Congress contains an alternative that allows immediately, based on Fonavista registers that exist to date and that contain the dates of contributions, an immediate refund is allowed with Fonavi cash funds. The average would be around S/ 420 to S/ 700. It will benefit the entire registry of 1.8 million contributors,” said Graham.

Also, the owner of the FEM He clarified that this average payment of S/ 420 to S/ 700 will be on account of the Fonavista. “It is a payment on account, If the fonavista proves that your return is S/ 1,000 or S/ 4,000, it will be returned to youit is payment on account with the information we already have and will facilitate liquidity for the Fonavistas who have contributed”, he pointed out.

It is important to mention that the proposal only contemplates the return of the contributions of the workers, which amounts to S/ 6,600 million. Meanwhile, those contributed by employers and the State, which together amounted to S/ 36,000 million, would no longer be returned.

Source: Larepublica

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