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Entrepreneurship to find solutions

Innovation, creativity and responsibility are the words that define the entrepreneurs in these stories.

We wash your car, without water

“Ecological washing to delivery, we do not use water”. It is the text on Facebook that accompanies the photos of a white van that shines impeccably in the sun. The publication belongs to Wego, a Peruvian startup that washes cars dry, “without using a drop of water”

.The company belongs to Giulianna Milian, Sergio Esparza and Paul Saavedra. The business idea was born one day while the future partners were talking about the time they were wasting waiting in line at carwashes waiting to wash their vehicles. At that time they decided to put their own car wash.

However, there was a problem: the activity would require too much water, which made it unprofitable and unfriendly to the planet.

”Beyond the economic side, we said, ‘but what a pity that so many liters of water are spent washing so many cars a day,’” says Giulianna.

The inconvenience did not stop them and in search of a solution they found a purpose: wash cars and help the planet. However, they were not satisfied with this new goal and thought that it would not be the client who would come to them, but that they would go to their house.

At first they had to confront the myth that the only way to wash a car is with water. With their work they showed that the method used by Wego was totally efficient.

During washing at Wego, they replace the water with a vacuum cleaner to extract the residue, with special shampoos to remove stains and with carnauba wax to highlight the shine. The entire process takes a little over an hour.

The washing sessions start at S/ 35 in the smallest vehicles. But there are also weekly or fortnightly packages.

This season, Giulianna indicates, the days with the highest demand are Mondays, “because we are washing cars that come from the beach.”

Greenwashing. Wego’s purpose is to reduce water waste during washing. Photo: Gerardo Marin/The Republic

In the future, Wego plans to expand its services to the home area and enter corporate spaces in companies that have parking lots.

divine pastry

The idea of ​​Johana Castañeda and Marco Cachay to create a pastry shop arose aboard a car after buying a nougat at a service station that tasted of fuel and was dry.

The couple, he a chef by profession and she a corporate chef, prepared 60 kilograms of the traditional Lima sweet that year. They sold it in October, during the festival of the Lord of Miracles.

That foray into commerce served them well when they lost their jobs during the pandemic and looked for a way to start a business to cover their expenses. They discovered that, as in nougat, in cakes with a design, pastry chefs paid more attention to the shape than to the flavor and texture of the dessert.

So, oriented to create “beautiful and tasty” cakes, they started their own pastry shop. They called her Awki, which most closely translates to divinity, says Marco.

“We are inclined so that it is understood as divine pastry,” he says.

Awki cakes are decorated with elastic dough or butter cream whose designs are made based on customer requests, depending on the occasion. There are for baptisms, weddings, birthdays, etc.

In the kitchen, Johana and Marcos do not coincide at all. He likes sweet flavors, she prefers salty ones. However, at Awki this taste rivalry gives added value to their product. It allows them to find a balance point between both extremes.

”I want the dessert not to be so cloying, I like the combination. We can level it, we find a standard”, says Johana.

The several years of experience in tourist restaurant chains and abroad is another factor that influences the quality of their products, says the couple.

The last cakes they have to deliver are a Mickey Mouse cake and a wedding cake. Marcos and Johana say that these cakes can cost between S/ 45 and S/ 200 depending on the design and the complexity of their preparation.

Social networks have also become their main showcase to offer their products. Currently, they get their customers through Instagram, Facebook and even WhatsApp. In the short term, they plan to open a store where customers can see the preparation of their cakes in real time.

How to promote a business this summer

One of the keys to promoting a business during this summer is to get to where the customers are, so the company must have logistical flexibility to satisfy its public, says Esan University.

Another factor is creativity in the supply of goods, trying innovative ideas, such as services typical of this season (craft drinks, food to heat, etc.).

Finally, businesses must use promotions wisely and take advantage of the fact that during the summer people tend to buy in large quantities. Esan recommends using volume promotions.

Source: Larepublica


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