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Jungle agro-exports increase 27% and exceed figures for the coast and mountains

Jungle agro-exports increase 27% and exceed figures for the coast and mountains

The Ministry of Agrarian Development and Irrigation He recalled that after the record in agro-exports registered in 2021, where US$ 9,172 million were totaled (18% more than placements in 2020), the jungle region had the best performance.

In the jungle, agro-exports grew 27% compared to the coastal region (18%) and the sierra (11%).

Midagri details that food sales to the foreign market from departments such as Ucayali rose 106% in FOB value compared to the amount registered in 2020, with the growth in sales of products such as raw palm oil, molded wood as well as cocoa beans being relevant. .

While San Martín (6.6%) had higher sales thanks to the higher demand for cocoa beans, refined palm oil and unroasted coffee. In Madre de Dios (+18%), products such as molded wood, tropical wood, cocoa beans and shelled Brazil nuts stand out; and in Amazonas (+8.9%), inputs such as unroasted coffee, among others.

On the other hand, on the coast there was an important contribution to the growth of agro-exports from the departments: Lima (+20%) with fresh avocados, and other food preparations of semolina flour, starch, starch or malt extract and frozen strawberries. .

Midagri also highlights the higher sales of Ica (15%) for products such as fresh grapes, blueberries and avocados; The Liberty (12%) with sales of avocados, preparations used for animal feed and blueberries; Lambayeque (26%) with avocado, blueberries and prepared or preserved vegetables; Piura (13%) with fresh grapes and fresh mangoes; Ancash (46%) with blueberries, fresh avocados and fresh asparagus.

While the sierra stood out thanks to Cajamarca (12%) for the sale of unroasted coffee, tara seed mucilages and powdered tara; For its part, Junín (8.0%) stood out for products such as unroasted coffee, other cocoa beans and fresh oranges; and in Ayacucho (+37%), thanks to products such as tara seed mucilage, powdered tara and fresh avocados.

Finally, the Minister of Agrarian Development and Irrigation, Óscar Zea, stated that the Second Agrarian Reform will continue to be promoted, and as part of this process, small producers together with agro-exporters will seek to facilitate access to the main markets.

Source: Larepublica

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