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RUC will be required for network sales from July 2023

Yesterday, the Executive made official the two legislative decrees on tax matters that make changes to the Tax Code and make modifications to the Law of the Single Taxpayer Registry (RUC). Both measures aim to broaden the taxpayer base and generate higher revenues.

In order to make the use of the RUCit will be mandatory for all suppliers that offer their products or services through social networks, virtual platforms, email, among others, to advertise their RUC.

For this, the Government is giving a deadline until June 30, 2023 so that they can register with the RUC, since as of July 1 of the next year it will be mandatory to have it, otherwise, it will be considered an infraction.

Manuel Rivera, Tax partner at EY Peru, points out that it is important that prudent time has been given for people with businesses to regularize; however, he also considers that this must be accompanied by a dissemination campaign and incentives so that they can be formalized.

The expert also recommended that people who offer their products online register with the RUC, since this way they will be able to benefit from a tax regime that is better suited to their business activity.

If they don’t do it themselves, Sunat It will be empowered – from July 2023 – to incorporate them into the General Income Tax Regime (IR), where the rate is 29.5%, much higher than the other special regimes (RUS, RER, RMT).

“Many of these taxpayers who sell their products via social networks are closer to paying taxes either under the new RUS or by the Special Income Regimebut for this they must register, otherwise Sunat will put them into the General Regime”, noted the expert.

It is worth mentioning that Sunat will also automatically register with the RUC those subjects who are detected carrying out business activities and do not pay taxes.

Rivera commented that these measures have also been implemented in countries of the region to combat evasion and avoidance of tax obligations.

Digitization of Sunat

The published standard also allows the use of the remote channel in tax procedures. In this way, appearances, inspections, oral reports before the Tax Court and others can be carried out in digital environments.

In addition, Sunat will be able to access the accounting operations that are recorded in electronic data processing systems, in which the subjects must provide access profiles.

Improve public accounting system

Another of the decrees issued makes modifications to the National Accounting System with the objective of improving the presentation of the rendering of accounts of State entities, strengthening public transparency and improving the recognition of transactions under international standards. These changes are in line with OECD standards.

Now the entities must follow the International Public Sector Accounting Standards, which require, in a more rigorous manner, details on the use of public resources.

Improved public accounting system is in line with OECD standards. Photo: composition/The Republic

The data

Projection. With the legislative decrees, which are framed in the delegation of powers granted by the Congress, The Executive aims to generate an additional collection of S/ 400 million per year.

Source: Larepublica


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