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Itinerant Housing: more than 100 projects in Amazonas received technical assistance

The Ministry of Housing, Construction and Sanitation (MVCS) reported that a total of 43 municipalities in the region Amazon received technical assistance from professional teams from said ministerial office to carry out the technical files of 100 water, sanitation, road infrastructure and urban equipment projects.

This is part of the Itinerant Housing strategy, in which teams from the National Urban Sanitation Program (PNSU), the National Rural Sanitation Program (PNSR), the Comprehensive Neighborhood Improvement Program (PMIB) and the Amazonas Citizen Service Center (CAC) held workshops with municipal authorities and officials.

From February 2 to 11, these work meetings took place at the Regional Directorate of Tourism of the Regional Government of Amazonas, in Chachapoyas.

In these meetings, authorities and officials from 43 municipalities and the Regional Government of Amazonas explained to the technical teams of the MVCS the inconveniences they have had in the preparation of their technical files.

Meanwhile, the ministry’s professionals have presented them with alternatives and solutions so that they can achieve admissibility and, if necessary, receive the corresponding financing for their execution.

Between February 2 and 4, PMIB technicians evaluated 31 road infrastructure and urban equipment projects, such as tracks, sidewalks, squares, parks, among others. From February 7 to 10, PNSR professionals provided technical assistance to local governments on 59 rural drinking water and sanitation projects. And on Friday the 11th, the PNSU teams offered technical assistance on five urban water and sanitation projects.

Also, remotely, the MVCS provided technical assistance for another seven rural sanitation projects and five neighborhood improvement projects.

It is important to mention that Itinerant Housing is a strategy through which MVCS professional teams are deployed to various regionsproviding technical assistance to optimize the quality of sector projects that need to be executed in favor of the population.

Source: Larepublica

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