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Wood shipments in 2021 were better than in 2020, but there is still a long way to go before the pre-pandemic level

The Exporters Association (ADEX) reported that the export of wood and its derivative products totaled US$122,851,000 in 2021, 30.7% more than in 2020, when US$93,938,000 were registered. However, it did not reach the amount of 2019, of US$ 124,869,000, nor the historical amount of 2008, of US$ 219,239,000.

For the guild, an exporter, the forestry sector represented barely 0.75% of total non-traditional shipments, just over US$ 16,360 million. For this reason, the “implementation of measures that promote its development” is necessary, since it generates formal employment, decentralized and with inclusion in areas far from the cities.

“We need to take advantage of the full potential of the Amazon in a responsible and sustainable way. One way is to carry out new processes of forest concessions for timber purposes, thus adding value to the forest and in this way protecting these resources from deforestation,” said the manager of Services and Extractive Industries of ADEX, Lucía Rodríguez.

According to figures from the ADEX Data Trade Commercial Intelligence System, of the total timber supply, semi-manufactured products (US$72,172,000) were the most important, with growth of 30.1% and a share of 58.7%. .

They highlighted the molded wood of tropical woods except ipe, strips and friezes for unassembled parquet, and other longitudinally profiled wood, other than conifers, strips and parquet friezes.

ADEX: sawn wood

In second place in the ranking was sawn wood (US$ 33,593,000), whose demand increased by 34.4% and represented 27.3%. It should be noted that this product is used as raw material for the production of other wood goods.

In addition, products for construction (US$ 6,175,000), furniture and its parts (US$ 4,166,000), veneered and plywood (US$ 3,107,000), manufactured products (US$ 1,382,000), sheets , plates and sheets (US$ 1,281,000), firewood and charcoal (US$ 895,499) and fiber and particle boards (US$ 77,087).

China, importer of Peruvian wood

Despite decreasing its purchases by -3.8%, China was the first buyer of Peruvian wood between January and December 2021, with US$36,928,000. The Asian giant represented 30.1% of the total.

Likewise, it was shipped to France (US$ 22,325,000), the United States (US$ 12,920,000), the Dominican Republic (US$ 9,383,000) and Mexico (US$ 8,783,000), with variations of 163, 9%, 46.2%, 77.9% and -1.1%, respectively.

Completing the top ten were Vietnam ($5,491,000), Belgium ($5,287,000), Denmark ($4,404,000), Ecuador ($2,791,000) and New Zealand ($2,647,000). .

Source: Larepublica

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