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CTS: teachers would obtain compensation equivalent to 100% of their salary

Through a change in article 63 of the Teacher Reform Law, Congress approved modifying the CTS of public teachers. The legislative initiative was admitted with 112 votes: teachers’ compensation will be 100% of their full monthly remuneration, per year or fraction of the months of official services actually worked, from their appointment to the date of retirement.

It should be noted that the current regulation indicated that the Compensation for Time of Service was 14% of the remuneration for each year of service rendered.

CTS: how will the law change be applied?

The first supplementary provision indicates that the law will be implemented progressively, that is, as the education sector budget progresses and without requiring additional resources from the public treasury. In the second complementary provision, for its part, reference is made to the regulation of the law for its best execution.

In this line, the measure would have to be ready in the next 180 calendar days. According to the president of the Education Commission, Esdras Medina Minaya, this opinion does not contravene any legal provision.

CTS: background of the law modification

On Friday, December 10, 2021, the Education Commission said yes to the demand of the Unitary Union of Workers in Education of Peru (Sutep): the group sought to achieve 100% recognition by the CTS for the teaching profession.

At that time, the decision had a total of 10 votes in favor, a number led by parliamentarians Paredes Gonzales, Paredes Fonseca, Balcazar Zelada, Gutierrez Ticona, Cerron Rojas, Darwin Espinoza, Picon Quedo, Chiabra León, Pablo Medina and Elias Avalos. . However, congressmen Castillo Rivas, Cordero Jon Tay, Huaman Coronado and Ramírez García voted against, respectively. Following this, only González Delgado, from Avanza País, maintained his abstention on this decision.

This is how the modification became a pending in the debate of the Plenary of Parliament: teachers could now receive, upon dismissal, between 72,000 and 136,000 soles, depending on the scale they are in and the years of service they have.

Source: Larepublica

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