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More than 450,000 mobile lines changed their operating company in January 2022

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The Supervisory Body for Private Investment in Telecommunications (Osiptel) reported that a total of 459,583 moving lines changed their operating company in the first month of 2022, representing an increase of 14% compared to mobile porting in the same month of 2021.

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However, the result was 10.6% lower compared to December 2021, the month in which the second highest number of mobile portings was obtained for that year, after the intense Christmas campaign in which the change of operator took place. in 514,051 mobile lines.

“The application of number portability has contributed to the promotion of a more dynamic and competitive mobile market, in which users can keep their telephone number and decide whether or not to change the operator according to their needs”, highlighted the executive president of Osiptel, Rafael Muente Schwarz.

Portfolios in the postpaid segment totaled 302,485 mobile lines, a drop of 11.7% compared to December. Despite this, they represented 65.8% of the total shipments for the month. At the same time, 127,098 mobile portings were made in the prepaid segment, a drop of 8.3% compared to the previous month. With this, 34.2% of the total number of mobile lines that changed business operator were from that segment.

Operators that lost lines

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The operating companies Clear and Entel were the only ones to start the year with a positive net result (the difference between lines gained and lost) in the face of intense competition to attract mobile lines from other operators, with 25,468 and 10,249 ported mobile lines, respectively.

While, Movistar and Bitel registered a negative net result of 9,526 and 25,291 net lines lost, each. Meanwhile, the virtual mobile operators (MVNO) Guinea Mobile and Flash also obtained a negative net result of 152 and 748 mobile lines, respectively.

fixed lines

In the first month of the year, 1,333 fixed line portings were carried out in the national territory, a drop of 63.1% compared to the result of the same month of 2021, as well as 23.2% compared to December. The companies Clear, Optical Networks and Century Link (Lumen) reported a positive net balance of 800, 36 and 58 fixed lines, respectively. While Movistar recorded a negative balance of 990 fixed lines, accumulating 11 consecutive months of a balance with more lines lost.

Source: Larepublica

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