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Dairy distribution is in danger if they do not stop abuses of farmers

Dozens of dairy farmers from various coastal regions raised their voices of protest in the streets of the Lima’s centeras a prelude to the meeting between its leaders and authorities of the sector in the Agrarian Commission of Congress.

In this regard, the president of Conveagro, Climaco Cardenastold La República that there are 450,000 dairy farmers nationwide who are mistreated by Gloria, Laive and Nestlé, who have drastically reduced the rate of collection and, in addition, for several years have been paid just over S/ 1 for a liter of milk, which “is unheard of” because for the powdered milk they import to market their products they pay S / 2 per kilogram.

“We employ more than 120,000 people. There are 30,000 ranching families on the coast that are in a position to disappear,” he said.


Cárdenas announced that if the aforementioned companies and the Government do not solve this problem in 30 days, they will opt for an indefinite strike and will take over the dairy plants of Gloria, Laive and Nestlé “so that not a liter of milk is moved in the country.”

“We are going to go with cows, trucks, tractors, carts and our personnel to these industries, once and for all, so that they take care of Peru’s cattle because they are destroying us,” he asserted.

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The president of the Association of Dairy Farmers of Peru (Agalep), Nivia Vargasemphasized that the inaction of the authorities dates back to previous governments, for which they hope that President Pedro Castillo will receive their specifications and put the issue on the agenda.


“We ask that the Government intervene. Although it is not possible (directly), the Legislature giving it powers can issue a decree that determines that to make evaporated milk, butter and cheese, (sic) it is with fresh milk and not with whey, fats and powdered milk, that They are our unfair competition. With these inputs they are going to stop buying from us”, he noted.

It is worth noting that the brand new owner of the Midagri, Alberto Ramoswill go to the Agrarian Commission within 15 days, according to the president of said working group, Vivian Olivos (FP).

Details of the damage to ranchers

Carlos Lozada, General Director of Livestock Development of Midagri, says that 99% of ranchers are losing money, which deepens livestock impoverishment. It highlights that there is a very marked position of dominance, where the main actor has 75% of the collection of fresh milk and the sale of products. “That generates accumulation of uneven surpluses. While ranchers accuse them of losing S/ 1 million daily, the industry declares —in reference to Gloria— profits of S/ 136 million as of June 2021″, he noted.

Source: Larepublica

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