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Exchange rate in Peru: how much it is trading today, Friday, October 22, 2021

The exchange rate It is currently at S / 3.95, according to the Central Reserve Bank of Peru (BCRP). In addition, the dollar closed yesterday, Thursday, October 21, at S / 3.9524, compared to the close of the day before, when it stood at S / 3.9460. This variation occurs in the midst of a new acceptance rate towards Pedro Castillo, as 42% at the national level supported his management as head of state in September, while the October poll shows a decrease in popularity to 40% of those surveyed, according to the survey carried out by the pollster date for El Comercio.

The dollar closed the trading day on Thursday, October 21 slightly higher and was quoted at S / 3,952, after a strong intervention by the Central Reserve Bank (BCRP), which came out to sell US $ 1 million to attenuate the volatility of the currency . After opening at S / 3.95, the Peruvian issuing entity placed exchange swaps at a fixed rate for almost S / 440 million, and repos were placed to provide dollars for a two-week term for US $ 200 million at an average rate of 0 , 30%. In the afternoon, the BCRP went out to sell US $ 1 million at an average exchange rate of S / 3,955 per dollar, in order to lighten its progress.

At the national level, the Minister of Economy and Finance, Pedro Francke, gave details of the Government’s plans regarding the request to request special powers to legislate in economic and tax matters. The objective is to generate higher tax revenues that would be used to improve health, education, drinking water, and sanitation conditions, among others.

In addition, the Minister of Economy and Finance (MEF), Pedro FranckeHe recalled that those affiliates who wish to request the S / 250 pension, aimed at those who made contributions between 10 and less than 15 years, may prove up to two years by means of an affidavit. Meanwhile, if you want to access the pension of S / 350, which reaches those who contributed from 15 to less than 20 years, they will be recognized up to four years of contributions if an affidavit is presented with a document that proves the link labor.


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