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ELA and LAB call two days of strike to denounce the “serious situation” in the residences of Gipuzkoa

The LAB union affirms that the solution to the precariousness suffered by residential workers is through agreeing a new agreement and updating the catalog of ratios. The strikes will take place on October 28 and November 12.

The ELA and LAB unions have convened two days of strike, on October 28 and November 12, to denounce the “serious” and “shameful” situation of the nursing homes for the elderly in Gipuzkoa.

ELA, however, will also hold a day of unemployment tomorrow that will include concentrations in a score of residences in different towns of the territory, with a central act in the Txara center of San Sebastián.

For its part, LAB recalls in a statement that it has spent years “denouncing the reality” of a sector in which the “crisis” caused by the pandemic “has crudely revealed the shortcomings of nursing homes” which, for On the other hand, “they are not new”.

“The workers are leaving their health at work”, denounces the central abertzale, which also criticizes the attitude of the “institutions and companies” to this problem that, in their opinion, makes the conflict seem like something of “the workers, residents and their families”, when the “situation affects to the whole society “.

After explaining that the sector of residences for the elderly, “based on care”, is “aimed at dependent people and is financed with public money”, LAB regrets that its workers have to do their work “precariously”, without the Gipuzkoa Provincial Council has shown “no intention to change the situation.”

“The workers, once again, have shown their professionalism and are giving the best they have in this difficult and complicated situation, because they love the residents and will also continue to fight in defense of their rights,” emphasizes LAB.

“To give a solution to this conflict at once it is essential talk about the provincial agreement and the ratios catalog that determine the number of female workers, “he adds.

“This system, based on privatization, increases the precariousness in which we workers live and has a direct impact on the care received by residents,” insists LAB, while reiterating its commitment to “the publication” of this sector and for “reactivating collective bargaining and unblocking this conflict.”

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