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Dollar: exchange rate opens slightly higher and is quoted at S / 3.95 this Thursday 21

The dollar opened slightly higher today, Thursday, October 21, and was quoted at S / 3.95, as reported by the Bloomberg portal at 09:25 am The day before, the currency had closed at S / 3,946, according to information from the Central Reserve Bank (BCRP).

This occurs after Prime Minister Mirtha Vásquez announced that she will file an unconstitutionality action against a law passed in Congress that limits the question of trust. This norm was published today in the newspaper El Peruano, so everything will remain in the hands of the Constitutional Court.

In the international market, if we consider the data of the last week, the US dollar shows a drop of 0.43%; Despite this, in the last year it still maintains a rise of 4.85%, according to Reuters.

With respect to past days, it interrupted with the streak of market quotes of the last three sessions. The volatility referring to the last week was 1.37%, which is a figure significantly lower than the annual volatility data (5.2%), showing as a value with less changes than what the general trend indicates in recent days. .


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