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Lima Stock Exchange closes with gains and rises 0.68%

The Lima Stock Exchange (BVL) closed Tuesday with gains with 13 sectors in green and only 3 in red due to the good performance of shares in mining and consumption.

At the close of business, the S&P/BVL Peru General index, the most representative of the Lima stock market, registered a rise of 0.68% and stood at 23,475.13 points.

Similarly, the index S&P/BVL Peru Selective, which is made up of the 15 most traded shares in the local market, recorded an advance of 1.08% and ended at 630.38 units.

The actions of the sectors that recorded profit They were: mining with 3.69%, mining with 1.22%, services with 0.20%, electricity with 0.20% and industrial with 0.53%. The sectors that registered losses were construction with 0.09% and financial with 0.78%.


On a global level, according to the Reuters agency, Latin American currencies were mixed on Wednesday, amid a slight retreat of the dollar in global markets and less concerns about the advance of the omicron variant of the coronavirus, while the stock markets showed gains

In addition, the fall in US technology stocks continues and is expected to continue to hit the markets in the week, this is mainly due to the 4 rate hikes forecast by the Fed in the year. Industrial metals are acting as a haven from volatility, which could allow them to continue higher on the week.


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