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Minsa: curfew and reduced capacity will be maintained despite the request of business unions

After the Foreign Trade Society (Comex Peru) asked the government to reevaluate the curfew plan, the head of the Ministry of Health (Minsa), Hernando Cevallos, spoke out and pointed out that, although the restrictive measures have an impact on the economy, this would be greater if the Ómicron variant were spreads quickly.

“The restriction measures have an impact on the economic recovery of the country, that is why we try to be very responsible in the decisions of the restrictive measures, but it would affect much more if the omicron goes off without any control,” he told La República.

He also reported that health is what matters most now. In addition, he indicated that as soon as the infections stop, the Government will promote the economic reactivation so that people return to normality.

“As soon as the rise of COVID-19 stops we will try to quickly return people to normality, but this is part of the strategy to have an economically strong country. Without health there is no economy ”, he said.


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