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Popular diapers without VAT are still expected in Ecuador (and other news in a summary to start the day)

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On another subject, the low presence of people in the main avenues and shops of Guayaquil during the weekend made the contagion of covid notorious.

María del Cisne Sánchez visited five distributors and three pharmacies in the center of Guayaquil in search of the so-called ‘popular diapers’ that, according to the latest tax reform, are no longer taxed with VAT. But such a product, with that nomenclature, does not exist on hangers.

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On another subject, the light vehicular traffic and the low presence of people in the main avenues and shops of Guayaquil during the weekend made the growing new wave of covid contagions. There were those who did not go out for fear of the virus.

Regional weather forecast for this Monday, January 10 in Ecuador

Still no popular diaper without VAT

The elimination of the value added tax (VAT) on popular diapers, which was established in the Law for Economic Development and Fiscal Sustainability, not yet reflected in prices for the final consumer. The regulation of the law establishes that these articles must have a waterproof cover of 100% polyethylene, with the legend “popular diaper”; minimal absorption capacity, that is to say, of short duration; and a closing mechanism with adhesive tapes.

Guayaquil devastated by self-confinement or prevention

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Guayaquil, which registers more than 500 daily cases of covid, was seen with fewer people on the streets at the weekend. Despite the increase in cases, doctors explain that they are not serious pictures, which they attribute to the effectiveness of the vaccination.

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Cryptocurrencies are used in investments in Ecuador, but the country’s only legal tender is the dollar and there is talk of a laundering tool

There is a boom in online payments in Ecuador, where according to the law cryptocurrencies are not accepted in commercial transactions and their use requires a higher level of trust

Juan Carlos Holguín: Not necessarily a trade agreement is what we require with the United States

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