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The voices of the sectors hardest hit in the second year of the pandemic

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Complicated situation, but with optimism

Angel Urpeque. gastronomic entrepreneur

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2021 was a very fought year. The main difficulties of the business were related to the pandemic, the political noise and the fear of the people; factors that made us the most affected of all areas. Added to this is the rise in input prices. What little public there is is looking for alternatives, and we cannot afford to raise our prices.

By 2022, with the arrival of the third wave, we have had to reduce the staff to 30% again because it is going to be a complicated situation, as working hours are reduced. After the end of the year holidays, business always goes down a bit, but not as much as it is now. The situation is complicated, but optimism will always be there, the desire to get ahead and get things done. We have no alternative.

We hope to return to pre-pandemic figures

Susana Saldaña, leader of Gamarra

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Last year was a challenging year in which we embarked on a road to recovery, but we have been alone. It has not been as difficult in all aspects as 2020, but it has been a difficult year. To the measures against COVID-19 We would add the increase in informal trade, imported clothing and no reactivating measures from the Government.

Our hope is that this year 2022 we return to the pre-pandemic figures. With the presence of the third wave We do not know what will happen, how long it will take to lower the level of infections. What does affect us are the gauges. We are already suffering 2 years with this restrictive measure. We microentrepreneurs do not have access to financing like other sectors; We have asked, but that has not happened. We only have one way and that is to move on.

We plan to reach 50% of visitors

Edgar Tito, tour guide

The reactivation of domestic tourism has been at 30% of what was thought. In Cusco, the problem continued to lie in the services to which we are tied, such as the iron, which is the means to reach Macchu Picchu and it continues to be monopolized, which causes inconvenience to the national tourist who cannot pay the abusive amounts.

By 2022 we were working with unions and agencies to generate the necessary flow of visitors and reach 60% of travelers. However, with the arrival of the third wave and the change of protocols will have to readjust to 50% roughly. Hotels and restaurants were committed to raising rates to attract new visitors, but with the new restrictions, visiting capacity is affected and prospects will change.

That is bought from national companies

Román Miu, representative of mypes

In 2021 we could not recover the market we had. The main problems we face are the market and financing. Small companies had to survive, because with the pandemic they consumed what little capital they had. We waited for a rescue fund, but the help did not come. That made 50% go informal again. We were also affected by the rising cost of inputs and the shortage of imported products in raw materials. Against this, we did not raise the sale price and the profit margins became smaller and smaller.

By 2022 we propose that the Government buy from the mype. That when the schools open, national companies are commissioned to make uniforms, footwear, folders, and print books.

Declare the sector in emergency

Clímaco Cárdenas, president of Conveagro

Last year the increase in the price of fertilizers has been a strong trigger for the national productive sector. And on the subject of the market there is a serious problem of rising prices of production and the payments are miseries. Milk costs S / 1 per liter and a kilo of squash in the field S / 0.10, and the same thing happens with other products. These prices are the farmer’s loss due to the presence of intermediaries.

By 2022 we hope that a real reform process will be born that includes a public budget for actions that generate productive transformations in the agriculture that feeds the country and that, in addition, generates profitability for farmers. We ask for the emergency declaration of the sector to structure public policies in favor of family farming.


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