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Nearly half a thousand short telecommunications service contracts were issued in Quechua

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The Supervisory Agency for Private Investment in Telecommunications (Osiptel) reported that almost half a thousand short contracts for telecommunications services telecommunications Fixed and mobile phones were issued in Quechua at the request of users in 20 regions of the country, according to the report of the operating companies.

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Between October and November 2021, Claro companies, Bitel and Entel delivered, together, the contracts in Quechua to users mainly in Lima (42.5%), Puno (16.3%), Huancavelica (13.3%), Cusco (12.2%) and Arequipa (5 ,4%). Meanwhile, Movistar indicated that it did not issue any document of this type in that period.

Total, 96.4% of the contracts issued in Quechua by these companies were requested for mobile services, while a smaller percentage corresponded to fixed telephony, pay television or packaged telephones.

In that period, the Claro company provided 272 short contracts in quechua almost entirely for mobile services (93.4%), although also for packaged services (4.8%), fixed telephony (1.5%) and pay television (0.3%). Of 15 regions, Lima (56%), Huancavelica (24%) and Arequipa (9%) were the ones with the most agreements issued.

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For its part, the Bitel operator delivered 219 short contracts in Quechua exclusively for mobile services. Out of a total of 17 regions, A lots of (36%), Lima and Callao (27.4%) and Cusco (22%) reported the highest issuance of these documents.

At the same time, the Entel company only issued seven short contracts in Quechua for mobile services in Cusco.

How to request a short contract in Quechua?

Since August 2021, operating companies are obliged to deliver contracts in Quechua At the request of the user, in the areas where this Andean language predominates, to facilitate the understanding of the conditions and characteristics of the services they acquire. Each of the short contracts must be delivered together with an information booklet of the main user rights, also translated into Quechua to remind the subscriber of the powers that assist him.


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