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Osinergmin incorporates improvements in the Easy LPG Balloon application

The Supervisory Agency for Investment in Energy and Mining (Osinergmin) announced the incorporation of some improvements in its application Facilito Balon de GLP. This, to facilitate the marketing agents of domestic gas.

Thus, the price report can also be done through text messages and automated telephone technology. In this way, the agent will be provided and allowed to keep the information up to date, data that will be available in Facilito Balon de GLP and on the web portal:

Facilito LPG Balloon is the tool available to users to find out about the formal venues for the sale of LPG balloons throughout the country. Therefore, those who do not appear in the application would be losing the opportunity to attract new customers who wish to purchase this product in places that have the security measures required by the authorities.

“If a place is not in Facilito, it is as if it does not exist. This free application allows users to locate the formal premises closest to their location. The user can choose to view the establishments in a list ordered by prices or on a map where it will be highlighted in green (the cheapest) and in red (the most expensive). Likewise, it allows the local to be contacted and finalized the purchase ”, explained Gustavo Castillo Ojeda, Head of Supervision of Marketing of Liquid Hydrocarbons of Osinergmin.

It should be noted that Facilito shows only the current price list registered in the last 30 days. So much so, that agents who wish to appear in this important information window, must keep their prices permanently updated, through a timely and continuous statement.


Field supervision

Osinergmin also reported that it carries out constant supervision in various sales locations nationwide. This, in order to verify that they comply with reporting their prices and thus citizens can have updated information to make a better purchase decision.

A few days ago, they carried out operations in the districts of Surco and San Juan de Miraflores. Meanwhile, the locals If they do not update their prices, the Hydrocarbons Registry could be suspended and they will not be able to carry out fuel purchase and sale transactions in the Osinergmin Order Order Control System (SCOP).

In this regard, Castillo Ojeda explained that LPG marketing agents have the obligation to report to Osinergmin every time they change their prices because with that information the application Facilito Balon de LPG is updated.

Finally, he reiterated that the price of LPG is governed by supply and demand, as established by law. Prices are not regulated by any entity, however, the user has the right to choose their best option.


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