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La Libertad: they predict a great agro-export growth for this 2022

During the webinar carried out by La República called “The city of Eternal Spring is reactivated”, specialists analyzed the projection that is had for this new year 2022 in the areas of economic reactivation, the growth that agro-export has had during the pandemic for the La Libertad region, the massification of natural gas with respect to homes, industries, businesses and service stations of this fuel.

The guests invited to present these topics were Constante Traverso, president of the La Libertad Economic Reactivation Council; Francisco Huerta, director of the Institute of Economy and Business; and Aurelio Ochoa, specialist in energy issues.

For Traverso, one of the main projects to be promoted this year is to strengthen agriculture in the Andean zone; precisely, the Regional Government has managed to promote more than 10,000 reservoirs with geomembranes, which allows farmers to have water 365 days a year and to have more than two harvests a year.

We already have water 365 days a year, but now we lack organization, so it is considering having an agreement with the state of California in the United States whose base is agriculture and is the fifth largest economy in the world. Through his experience in cooperatives of production, savings and loans, machinery services and product marketing services. We need this technology in our Andes“, Held.

In addition, he comments that it is important that young people from these areas can travel to this state in North America to train. “After this learning, they can return to the country and give greater impetus to this agricultural activity, but not as it has been done until now, but with technological systems that improve development. We have to teach them to be better producers and then exporters ”, explained Traverso.

Exporting port

During his presentation, he also referred to the promotion of an alternative port that allows the export of agro-export products to international markets, which would save logistics and budgets for the transfer they carry out now (agro-exporters must take their products through the port of Callao) .

We have to repower the Malabrigo port in Chicama, the same one that has been handed over to the Regional Government; This is where businessmen must join together to have an agro-export port, which allows them to take out all the flagship products that are in La Libertad, whose destinations are international markets; costs are lowered and distribution is more efficient. Today the new ports with high technology are not needed much, but investment is opportune”, He indicated.

Export growth

For his part, Francisco Huerta stated that La Libertad is 6% of the population with 4.5 GDP, per capita income between 70 and 71% due to mining, agribusiness and small businesses, but there is still a per capita gap close to national average.

“The economy has become more dynamic in reference to what has been experienced in 2020 where it fell to 6.4%. For the third quarter of 2021 there was a growth of 11.1% compared to January to September 2019, it has grown by 3.9%, the comparison with respect to 2021 with 2020 is increased by 10%, recovering the economy in relation to the pre-pandemic ”, he said.

Because we are growing well, La Libertad has two engines: mining with 1,500 million dollars and agribusiness that had 200 million dollars now with 1,600 million dollars. As of October we had 1,465 million and the estimate that is made is that by December 1,800 million in exports had been reached. Agribusiness generates even more than 22% of all agro-exports in the country, generating direct production and marketing employment for 100,000 jobs. If indirect and induced jobs are added, the impact is 120,000 jobs that normally provide”, He explained.

Huerta also spoke that companies like Damper have been having a strategic alliance with small farmers, which means 15% of their offer; These thus become indirect exporters; what the company does is give the product the last finish and sell it to the international market. To do this, it transfers technology and good agricultural practices to them, allowing the agribusiness value chain to be strengthened.

Gas massification

For his part, Aurelio Ocho highlighted the importance of gas overcrowding in La Libertad and how it should have greater penetration in the business sector, especially since it will allow it to lower operating costs.

One of the difficulties that we still have is that, since we do not have a gas pipeline in the north, it forces this fuel to arrive by trucks and that makes its overcrowding a bit more expensive. But La Libertad has 20% of its population that enjoys this natural gas in their homes, with the concession that supplies Trujillo and Pacasmayo, but even so it is higher in percentage with Lima and Callao than since 2004 has this service”, He expressed.

“What is needed is to improve the infrastructure to generate a better distribution. Colombia should be taken as an example, where 73% is connected to natural gas; in Peru we have 13%, that is our growth, but it is that home connections are prioritized there and that is where it should be targeted ”, he added.

Finally, he argued that companies should bet on having this fuel that will reduce their operating costs and generate higher dividends; This will allow a better development of the agricultural sectors, the footwear industry, hotels and restaurants and that will help to have a cheap ecological fuel and more than 20% of the already existing will be entered into.



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