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SOTE resumes operations upon completion of the installation of one of its variants

It is expected that activities in the oil fields and in the Esmeraldas and La Libertad refineries will gradually normalize.

The construction of a seventh variant of the Trans-Ecuadorian Pipeline System (SOTE) concluded, with which the public company Petroecuador resumed crude transportation operations from the Amazon to Esmeraldas.

Activities were restarted this Thursday, December 30, according to the Ministry of Energy and Non-Renewable Natural Resources, after completing the construction of this seventh variant of the SOTE, 26 inches in diameter and located in the last sections on the slopes of the El Reventador volcano, at a distance of 400 meters from the lateral erosion zone in the river sector Fine stone.

SOTE pumping would resume this December 30; Refinery reactivation would be on January 4, 2022, reports EP Petroecuador

The minister of the branch, Juan Carlos Bermeo, affirmed that the works were carried out within the established schedule, which will allow the reestablishment of oil pumping.

On December 10, the activities of the system were paralyzed due to the regressive erosion that occurs in the Coca river and its tributaries (Quijos and Piedra Fina).

With the operation of the SOTE, activities in the oil fields and refineries of Esmeraldas and La Libertad (Santa Elena) will also be resumed, although gradually, which would take between seven and ten days, to previously verify if maintenance work should be carried out. overhaul, the ministry said in a statement released on December 30.

For example, at the Esmeraldas Refinery the start-up of the units is scheduled for January 1, after verifying the stock crude oil and its availability; while the stabilization of the refining center would take place as of January 4. (I)

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