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How to recognize a fake 10 and 100 soles bill, according to the BCRP?

For the Bicentennial of Peru, which was fulfilled in 2021, the Central Reserve Bank (BCRP) put into circulation two new tickets Authentic denominations of 10 and 100 soles. This change not only implied modifications in the aesthetic plane, such as the colors and the measures, but also in the security elements so that they are inimitable and thus avoid scams.

One of the main premises of this variation was to honor new national exponents on the obverse; and on the reverse, some animals of the local fauna. If you want to know how to detect a counterfeit bill, lines below you will find all the information.

What are the new Peru 2021 banknotes?

The Peruvian government put into circulation, through the Central Reserve Bank of Peru, two new designs for the 10 and 100 soles banknotes. The faces that appeared on the obverse were modified as part of the Bicentennial. In the case of the 10 soles, it went from the war aviator José Abelardo Quiñones to the singer and songwriter Chabuca Granda; and in the one of 100 soles: the historian Jorge Basadre was changed to place the engineer and father of aeronautics, Pedro Paulet. It also changed the coloring and measurements.

How to recognize a fake 10 and 100 soles bill?

For recognize a fake 10 or 100 soles bill, the security features are not so different. The BCRP official Javier Añorga, in an interview with ATV, gave some guidelines on how to detect them.

High security embossing thread

Regarding the headband or high security relief thread located in the left corner of the obverse (where the face of the main character appears), he specified that in the 10-soles bill this “inter-salient thread changes from violet to bronze.” In the case of the 100 soles bill, it changes from fuchsia to green.


One of the ways to corroborate authenticity, he emphasizes, is by raising the bill towards a source of light. “In the white area is the watermark. This reproduces the image of the main character ”, he added.

He also highlighted the importance of the denomination of the banknote because it is “a watermark made with the cotton fibers of the paper.” “For this reason, its falsification is very difficult. Counterfeiters try to mimic this security measure with blank prints, but they are flat and clearly easy to identify, ”he explained.

Stamp on the right side of the obverse

Moving images that change color were also located in the lower right corner. “Take into account that there are some geometric designs that are in motion. This is an important state-of-the-art security element that is incorporated into the banknote family. On the right side of the character we have this element that changes color from violet to bronze (in the case of the 10-soles bill) ”, he extended. And in the 100 soles bill, as in the intersalient thread, it goes from fuchsia to green.


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