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MEF places sovereign bonds for S / 170 million in the local market

After five months and in a context of less volatility and uncertainty, the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) it successfully returned to the domestic capital market and placed sovereign bonds for a total amount of S / 170 million.

During the trading fair, the MEF also announced the offer of Sovereign Bonds 2029E and 2032, for a reference amount of S / 50 million and a maximum amount of S / 100 million for each debt security.

The auction, carried out yesterday within the framework of the Market Makers Program, was well received, which was evidenced in the strong demand, which reached a total amount of S / 1,547 million, with Bond 2029E corresponding to a demand of S / 710 million against which S / 70 million were awarded at a rate yield of 5.26%.

Meanwhile, Bond 2032 obtained a demand of S / 837 million, being awarded S / 100 million at a rate of return of 5.80%. It should be noted that the award rates were at the levels of the secondary market of the day.

MEF: confidence in sovereign bonds returns

It is important to highlight that the amount placed is intended to obtain the resources that will be used, among others, to finance public investment projects, which are currently under execution, under the responsibility of the National Government, Regional Governments and Local Governments.

The significant demand from investors in this placement of sovereign debt securities reflects the confidence and optimism of economic agents in the soundness of macroeconomic and fiscal indicators.


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