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Las Bambas: Thursday’s meeting will be key to the future of the southern mining corridor

The days of truce in the southern mining corridor have not yet succeeded in restarting Las Bambas mining operations. The meeting agreed for December 30 between the community members of Chumbivilcas and the premiere will be decisive. Mirtha Vásquez confirmed that he will go to the conflict zone.

In the last days, after the communities unblocked the road, the mining company was barely able to transport some supplies. Erick Ramos, secretary of the Las Bambas Workers’ Union, stated that before the climate of uncertainty cannot advance further. “We have discussed this with the company. They tell us that they cannot bring in more personnel because if an agreement is not reached on December 30, the workers will not be able to be evacuated, ”he stressed.

Ramos said hope that this Thursday is guaranteed the opening of the mining corridor sustainably. “We don’t know what will happen. If the conflict is not resolved, our situation (of the workers) is uncertain) ”.

On the other side of the conflict, the president of the Chumbivilcas Defense Front, Wilber Fuentes, said that they still had not received details of the proposal that the Presidency of the Council of Ministers (PCM) raises to declare the mining corridor as an area of ​​special treatment.

Remember that the Unlocking of the mining corridor was achieved on December 23 after the exhortation of the premier to dialogue without pressure. He said that other options to achieve this end were also being explored. For their part, the communities warned that they will radicalize their measures if understanding is not achieved.


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