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Piura: after 25 years, Petroperú recovered Lot 1 in Talara

Piura. The state-owned company Petroperú began a return to oil and gas production activities, after 25 years, by taking control of the production operations of Block I, in Talara, which currently produces around 540 barrels of oil per day (BPD).

The return of production control began with a formal ceremony, carried out in one of the 190 wells that are part of Block I, located between the La Brea and Pariñas districts, in Piura. To this place came the President of the Republic, Pedro Castillo Terrones, who described this event as “historic” and argued that the hydrocarbon industry in the country takes an important step in Peru with this return, after a quarter of a century.


“Today we change history by taking the big step to return to Petroperú with this operation; and in the coming months, with lot 192, the largest in the country, and lot 64, both in the Loreto region. With the operation of these lots, part of the raw that the New Talara Refinery will require for the production of quality fuels ”, indicated the Head of State.

For the president, these measures will have, in the near future, a significant impact on the sale prices of the fuels that Petroperú will produce to supply the national market, even in the most remote parts of the country where the company plays a very important role.

Representing Petroperú, participated its corporate operations manager, Óscar Vera Gargurevich, who highlighted this fact as an important milestone, since oil production activities will contribute to the vertical integration of the state-owned company and the strengthening of the national oil industry.

The official added that Block I will allow the direct supply of crude to the New Talara Refinery, which is preparing to begin its progressive start-up next April, producing clean fuels to supply the country. “Undoubtedly, today marks an important milestone that will contribute to offering the national market quality fuels at much more competitive prices, a commitment of Petroperú to the country”.


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