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Free property titles in Lima, Puno, Arequipa and more: see the requirements and how to obtain the benefit

He Informal Property Formalization Agency (Cofopri) has launched an ambitious digital registration campaign in the framework of the celebrations for the national anniversary. This initiative seeks to benefit more than 9,000 families throughout the country, facilitating the obtaining of free title deeds for their properties.

The campaign, called “Lote Empadronado, por el título covedo” (Registered Lot, for the long-awaited title), is a significant effort to formalize urban property and provide legal security to thousands of Peruvians. During the month of July, Cofopri plans to visit various regions of Peru and speed up the process thanks to digital registration.

Cofopri: this is how the registration will be to obtain the property title

The campaign of digital registration The Cofopri campaign will be carried out in human settlements, hamlets, housing associations and population centers in low-income areas. Since July 1, Cofopri’s zonal offices in the 24 regions of the country are working hard to promote the process of formalizing urban property.

Digital registration allows Cofopri technicians to collect information from the lots efficiently and accurately. Using tablets, technicians can record important data without the need for an internet connection. In addition, Cofopri has enabled an online platform where citizens can check whether census takers will be coming to their area and during what period they will be present.

LINK to check the places that Cofopri will visit

To find out the specific schedule of visits in each region, citizens can visit the Cofopri website,, in the campaigns and events section.

Inside, you just have to locate your region and the website will show you the province, district, number of lots and dates on which Cofopri will be approaching.

Where will Cofopri reach?

A detailed schedule of visits to various regions of the country has been planned. Among the departments with the largest number of lots to be visited are Ancash, with 1,043 lots; Piura, with 945; Ayacucho, with 951; Apurímac, with 826; Arequipa, with 734; and Lambayeque, with 641.

Other departments such as Puno, Lima, Ucayali, Ica and Huancavelica are also part of this important campaign.

What are the requirements to formalize your property?

In order to register and subsequently obtain title to the property, it is necessary to present certain documents during the visit of Cofopri technicians. The documents include the original receipts for basic services such as water, electricity, telephone, or payment of taxes that prove occupancy of the home.

Proof of ownership and some document proving the length of time the lot has been occupied are also required. If you are married, it is important to present the marriage certificate, and finally, the DNI From applicant.

Cofopri has provided an alternative process for families that do not have the usual documentation. In these cases, census takers can take a sworn statement from at least four neighbors who recognize the applicant as the owner of the home.

Furthermore, if the owner cannot be present on the day of the visit, an external person can be appointed by means of a simple power of attorney. These facilities guarantee that more families can formalize their plots and access the legal security they so desperately need.

Source: Larepublica

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