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Chavimochic: civil construction workers ask for the release of Palo Redondo works

Thousands of civil construction workers lost everything during the COVID-19 pandemic. For this reason, the regional governor of La Libertad met, Manuel Llempén Coronel, with the leaders of the Confederation of Workers of Peru (CTP), who asked to issue a statement demanding that the National Government unblock the third stage of Chavimochic and the culmination of Palo Redondo. This, in order to generate more constructive workforce.

During the meeting, Llempén Coronel mentioned that the best that can exist between the authorities and workers is dialogue and permanent coordination for this type of claims. “Participation in jobs must be proportional for labor organizations“, he pointed.

José Rondo Barreto, general secretary of the CTP in La Libertad, said that one way to reactivate the economy in this region would be to unblock the works of the third stage of Chavimochic. On the other hand, they have asked the La Libertad authority to consider them in the works that the regional government will do.

We are unemployed. The pandemic has left us in total poverty due to the lack of works. Three months after Christmas, we are unable to bring a glass of milk to our children. We are not criminals. We are unionized civil construction workers”, Rondo detailed to the press.


In the Regional Government of La Libertad, This year S / 180 million are being invested in the works budget, but thanks to various negotiations with the Central Government, the investment will be 11 billion soles.

“That amount is what has been invested in the last 30 years in La Libertad and we have achieved it in this administration. (…) To move forward, it is done from government to government or through the ministries, ”explained Llempén.

S / 3,600 million have been committed in Trujillo Resiliente, which includes comprehensive solutions for the streams. There is S / 500 million investment in the installation of fiber optics and an agreement was signed with the MTC to intervene in the improvement of 1,650 km of highways in the mountains. They are also beginning the construction of eight schools with funding from Reconstruction With Changes.



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