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Fonavi Refund: discover the CHANGES that would be implemented in the Reintegration 2 group

Fonavi Refund: discover the CHANGES that would be implemented in the Reintegration 2 group

The return of the National Housing Fund (Fonavi) continues to be a topic of great interest for thousands of Peruvians. Currently, the Banco de la Nación is in the process of reimbursing the beneficiaries of Reimbursement Group 1. However, the Ad Hoc Commission has announced that changes are coming for Reimbursement Group 2.

Jorge Milla, member of the Ad Hoc Commission, revealed that modifications are being evaluated that seek to speed up the process and avoid crowds in bank branches. These changes are part of a joint effort between the Technical Secretariat and the National Federation of Fonavistas and Pensioners Association of Peru (Fenaf Perú).

Fonavi refund 2: when would the payment be made?

The disbursement for Reimbursement group 2 is scheduled to take place between the first and second week of July 2024. Jorge Milla indicated that the process will begin in approximately two months and there will be a rethinking of the way this group will be managed.

Implementing these adjustments is crucial to ensure an orderly and efficient return, minimizing complications and delays that could arise during the process.

What are the possible changes for refund group 2?

With the objective of reducing saturation in the agencies of the Banco de la Nación, it is proposed that the Reintegration 2 group is not only aimed at heirs of deceased Fonavistas, but also those living taxpayers between 77 and 80 years old. This measure is considered essential because more than 170,000 people would have to complete the heir process, which could generate a documentary congestion in the banking entity.

“The Technical Secretariat is preparing a report so that the Ad Hoc Commission can decide how to face Reimbursement 2. Probably, people between 77 and 80 years old who are alive will be included in the list; it is not yet defined,” Milla explained to La República. .

Fonavi 2024: LINK to find out if you are a beneficiary of the Reintegration group 1

For those interested in verifying if they are part of the Reintegration 1 group, the process is simple:

  1. First, access the official Fonavi LINK.
  2. Then, select the option ‘check HERE if you belong to the first refund group – April 2024’.
  3. Next, you must enter the corresponding document type and your document number, followed by the code provided on the screen.
  4. Finally, click ‘check’ to get your status.

This step by step is essential so that beneficiaries can confirm their inclusion in the refund group and proceed with the necessary procedures to receive their refund.

What documents do the heirs of the Fonavistas need?

The heirs must first verify if the deceased Fonavista appears on any of the published lists. Subsequently, they have to present a sworn statement at any agency of the Banco de la Nación, along with the DNI and other relevant documents, which vary depending on their relationship with the deceased.

Among the documents required are the death certificate of the Fonavista, the marriage certificate or proof of de facto union for spouses or partners, and the birth certificate in the case of children or parents of the deceased.

Source: Larepublica

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