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Buy your home today with loans from Banco de la Nación: check requirements, rates and more

Buy your home today with loans from Banco de la Nación: check requirements, rates and more

The credit covers up to 90% of the value of the property, with amounts of S/200,000 or more depending on the applicant’s income.

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Having your own home is a desire that many Peruvian families share. For this reason, the Banco de la Nación has launched its mortgage loan, an alternative in the national financial market that allows you to acquire a new property and also transfer mortgage debts from other entities.

The credit of National bank It has favorable interest rates and a payment term of up to 25 years. Below we present a detailed guide to this credit and how it can benefit you.

What is the mortgage loan from Banco de la Nación about?

The mortgage loan from Banco de la Nación offers financing that covers up to 90% of the value of the property. This option allows applicants to access amounts of up to S/200,000 or more, depending on their income, with a maximum payment term of 25 years.

The annual cost-effective rate (ACER) starts at a competitive 8.68%, standing out among the alternatives available on the market. This loan not only covers the value of the home, but also allows for additional expenses such as registration, notary and appraisal expenses.

Buy your house with Banco de la Nación!: characteristics of the mortgage loan

Among the main characteristics of the mortgage loan from Banco de la Nación, the following stand out:

  • Financing amount: The loan starts at S/15,000, allowing it to cover both the purchase of new properties and the transfer of previous mortgage debts.
  • Coverage: Up to 90% of the sale value of the property is financed. For example, if your income is around S/3,000, you could obtain a loan of S/200,000. Higher incomes may qualify for higher amounts.
  • Mandatory insurance: It is necessary to have credit liability insurance and other all-risk insurance for the property, thus ensuring the protection of the acquired property and the financial security of the applicant.

What are the requirements for the BN mortgage loan?

To access the mortgage loan from Banco de la Nación, it is essential to meet certain requirements of both the client and the property:

  • Customer requirements: It is necessary to present an active Multired Visa debit card, the original DNI of the holder and his or her spouse, the latest payment receipts, a recent receipt of services, proof of appointment or termination resolution, and a certified copy of the marriage certificate. If other income is declared for credit evaluation, it must be supported by corresponding documents.
  • Property requirements: The real estate registration certificate (CRI) issued by Sunarp is required, an affidavit of self-assessment, urban property and municipal summary sheet, in addition to proof of payment of property tax for the current year.

Banco de la Nación: how to apply for a mortgage loan?

The process to apply for a mortgage loan from Banco de la Nación is made up of several key steps:

  1. Visit to the agency: Go to the nearest Banco de la Nación agency. The bank staff will provide you with detailed information about the conditions and modalities of the credit.
  2. Documents delivery: presents the client’s requirements for the first credit evaluation. If you meet the criteria, you will go to the second stage, in which you must submit the property requirements.
  3. Approval and disbursement: If your application is approved and you present all the required documentation, the amount will be disbursed to your savings account at Banco de la Nación. Subsequently, you will sign the public deed at the corresponding notary office.
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