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SNI proposes promoting credit, public purchases and a better tax regime for mypes

SNI proposes promoting credit, public purchases and a better tax regime for mypes

The president of the National Society of Industries (SNI), Jesús Salazar, proposed promoting credits and public purchases to reactivate MSEs, in addition to a new scalable tax regime that facilitates their formalization and the reactivation of the Executive Board of MSEs, together to the MEF and Produce.

Before more than 260 representatives of micro and small businesses belonging to various productive sectors and regions of the country, who gathered at the SNI for the National Mype Day, Salazar pointed out that these companies need access to credit with competitive rates to consolidate its reactivation, formalization and growth.

“We need to work with the Ministry of Economy (MEF) and Production to continue expanding the coverage of Impulsa Perú loans to MSEs, since it is essential to move companies with State guarantees, competitive rates and adequate terms,” he indicated. .

The head of the industrial union recalled that there is a fund of S/15,000 million and that only loans for less than S/5,000 million have been disbursed to date.

In this sense, Salazar Nishi pointed out that two years have passed and the regulations of the law that allocates 40% of public purchases to manufacturing MSEs have not yet been published.

“We hope that it can be published for consultation, and its implementation will soon begin, since it involves close to 16,000 million soles in resources that could boost local industries and boost more than 70 thousand MSEs nationwide,” said the union leader.

SNI was able to unify tax regimes

Salazar Nishi highlighted the need for a major change in tax regimes to promote the formalization of companies, since informality presents alarming figures close to 80% at the national level, and in some regions it even exceeds this level. Given this, he proposed a regime that unifies the 4 existing regimes into one, that is scalable according to sales and that acts as a promoter of formalization.

He also pointed out that there are three million entrepreneurs in a subsistence situation nationwide, for whom he proposed working capital loans for up to S/1,000, through the Banco de la Nación, with a DNI account, and with the guarantee of the State, “but with suspension of civil rights for those who fail to pay.” He added that, with this, S / 3,000 million would be injected into the national economy.

The event, organized by the SNI together with the National Platform of MSME Unions, which brings together more than 100 MSME unions from various sectors, located in 22 regions of the country, was attended by Sergio González, Minister of Production; Jorge Morante, president of the Production, Micro and Small Business and Cooperatives Commission of the Congress of the Republic; among other personalities.

Among the attendees from the micro and small businesses gathered, were representatives of the leather and footwear sectors; textile and clothing; agriculture and food; wood and furniture; equipment and machinery; various manufacturing, printing, retail trade, baking and hardware, coming from Lima, La Libertad, Tacna, Moquegua, Arequipa, Ica, Ayacucho, Puno and Amazonas.

The data

  • According to the Institute of Economic and Social Studies (IEES) of the SNI, Peruvian MSEs make up 99.2% of the business fabric and represent 21% of the national GDP.
  • Mypes generate 60% of total employment throughout Peru (10.6 million jobs), developing activities mainly in the commerce (44.5%) and services (40.7%) sectors.
  • The industrial MSEs with the greatest presence in Peru belong to the sectors: Textile and clothing (23.7%), Food and Beverages (15.4%), Metal Products (14.5%), Furniture (14.2% ), Editing and Printing (10.7%).
  • 26.6% of mype companies carry out their productive activities in their home. 13.5% work in their clients’ homes, 17% work in transportation vehicles, and 7% work in workshops, stores or restaurants.

Source: Larepublica

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