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Mypes one step away from accessing cheaper electricity service

Mypes one step away from accessing cheaper electricity service

By majority, the Energy and Mines Commission of Congress approved a ruling that empowers mypes to choose between the free or regulated electricity market, with the aim of lowering their costs and promoting their economic reactivation.

It is necessary to emphasize that in Peru, users whose annual demand is equal to or less than 200 kw will be subject to prices regulated by Osinergmin. Here, we find small wineries or businesses that at the end of the month pay a rate to Enel or Luz del Sur; while those that exceed this threshold and reach 2,500 kW can choose between being regulated or free.

Those who exceed 2,500 kw have the status of free usersThat is, they agree on a contract with an energy generator and set the price to pay, as well as the minimum billable power, payment terms and price update factors, mainly, Erick García, former general director of Hydrocarbons, tells La República. of Minem.

Thus, in practice free users pay less than regulated users, despite comprising just under half of the total.

The opinion—which must now be scheduled in the Plenary Session of Congress—estimates that approximately 600,100 users would be able to migrate to the free market. The reduction of the power threshold would be gradual, and would come into effect from 2025 to 2029 because “it will be consistent with the expiration of the long-term contract of the distribution companies” and “we do not want to cause a greater impact” on them.

“The advantage is in access to competitive rates for mypes through savings in energy prices and the freedom to contract. This change would mean a reduction in the final price (they pay) and a saving of between 4 to 15%,” it reads. the text read in the Energy and Mines Commission.

García considers that the reduction of the threshold to 50 kw is auspicious because it will encourage competition in the energy supply sector, and as happens in other countries, distribution companies will appear that will provide a more efficient service for the benefit of the end user.

Source: Larepublica

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