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Yape charges a 2.95% commission: who and what transactions will NOT pay this extra cost?

Yape charges a 2.95% commission: who and what transactions will NOT pay this extra cost?

Yape, the digital wallet of the Credit Bank of Peru, announced the implementation of a 2.95% commission in its new Yape Empresa profile. This measure, which came into effect on May 1, has generated various reactions among users. The decision seeks to adjust Yape’s operations to the dynamics of the current market, maintaining the quality and safety that characterize the service.

The commission that is applied to selected operations marks a significant change in the cost structure that the company had managed until now. Next, we detail what the dynamics of the collections will be like and what it consists of. Yape Companies.

Who will Yape charge a 2.95% commission?

Yape has specified that the extra commission will only apply to people who have joined Yape Empresa. The charge will be 2.95% of the total sales of the day who entered by QR, contact and by new number. The total charge for the month can be verified in a receipt that will arrive to the email that was registered with the Yape account.

What people and transactions will NOT pay this fee?

Users who are not within the new Yape Empresa profile will not have to pay any commission for the yapeos they make on a daily basis. It should be noted that there is an operation, among those who have joined the new modality, in which no extra amount is paid.

These are sales made with YapePOS (this function will turn your cell phone into a POS), since These already pay a transaction commission of 2.95% + VAT.

What is Yape Empresa about?

Yape Empresa is not a different application, but a profile within the Yape application itself. By activating the Yape Empresa profile, you will obtain new specific functionalities for businesses, such as the possibility of receiving payments of up to 5 million soles per month (equivalent to more than 5 UIT). We explain other benefits:

  • Make payments for services up to S/3,000 daily.
  • Download sales and financial reports for up to 90 days to better understand income and expenses.
  • Add “helper” profiles for authorized personnel to verify sales and eliminate the need for direct owner supervision with screenshots.
  • Link your Yape Empresa account with Yape POS to accept credit card payments.
  • Access a personalized and priority service channel through WhatsApp.

Can I return to Yape Empresa if I disenroll?

Yes, if you disaffiliated from Yape Empresa, you can re-register the following month. For example, if you disenroll in October, you can re-enroll in November. It is important to remember this:

  • Access to Yape Empresa is available until 11.59 pm on the day of disaffiliation.
  • Transactions made on the day of disaffiliation, such as yapeos or QR payments, will incur a 2.95% commission on the total.
  • You will be able to see company movements in your personal Yape even after disaffiliating.
  • You will receive an email with the sales report for the last 30 days after disaffiliation.
  • You will lose the exclusive benefits of Yape Empresa, such as receiving amounts greater than 5 UIT per month

How to create an account on Yape?

Creating an account on Yape is a quick and simple process. New users must download the mobile app, enter their basic personal details and link a debit card or bank account. This process is not only intuitive, but also complies with all necessary security measures to protect users’ information and funds.

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