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La Libertad closes the year with a budget advance of more than 60%

During the II Public Audience of Accountability of the Regional Government of La Libertad, Governor Manuel Llempén pointed out that the progress of budget execution at the end of 2021 is 62.2%, but that it does not reflect what has been done during this year and proposed to the national government that the Ministry of Economy and Finance measure what was executed with the Institutional Opening Budget (PIA).

“It is not only about executing what you were assigned at the beginning of the year, but also about analyzing how much your budget for works grew based on the steps taken. At the beginning of the year there was an Institutional Opening Budget (PIA) of 170 million soles for the execution of public works, and that at the end of the year that figure is exceeding S / 300 million ”, he explained to the press.

The Ministry of Economy must measure budget execution with the PIA, considering that no work lasts less than a year, that tenders take half a year and that budget transfers are made by the MEF only after April and throughout the year, including in December, which lowers the level of progress. That regional governments be criticized if they fail to execute that initial budget, “he added.

At this hearing, the Planning and Budget manager, Giovanny Elliot, announced that La Libertad ranks third in contributions to the country’s GDP and that the region rose from position 10 to number eight in competitiveness for better performance in health and education . “The calculation of the per capita budget allocation in this region is 2,228 soles, which is not consistent with the amount of population and contributions to GDP that La Libertad makes, “he added..

The official then explained that 55% of the budget is directed to the care of teachers and health payrolls in the generic category of expenditure; and that 51% of the budget is allocated to education and health has 31%, that is to say, between both sectors they collect 82% of the regional budget.


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