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Maternity allowance: in which cases can I lose the financial support provided by EsSalud?

Maternity allowance: in which cases can I lose the financial support provided by EsSalud?

Social Health Insurance, known as EsSalud, is a long-standing institution in the country. In order to help its policyholders, The entity provides financial support in difficult situations. One of them is the maternity allowance. In a context where social protection is essential, EsSalud plays a crucial role by providing monetary contributions during key moments such as motherhood. This benefit is aimed only at active regular users.

However, not all insured persons manage to maintain these benefits, since certain requirements must be met to avoid losing the subsidy. It is necessary that the beneficiaries understand the rules and maintain the requirements demanded by EsSalud. Knowing these regulations will help users protect their right to receive financial support, both during pregnancy and the postpartum period.

EsSalud: how to access the breastfeeding benefit?

Breastfeeding allowance is an important support that provides EsSalud. To access this benefit, certain conditions must be met. First of all, the owner must have three consecutive months of contributions or four non-consecutive ones within the six calendar months prior to the month in which the contingency began.

Likewise, the beneficiary You must have an employment relationship at the time of requesting the financial Another point to consider is having had a contract in the month in which the minor was born.

When the conditions are met, the insured active holder You need to fill out Form 1040, duly completed and signed. Additionally, you must have the Certificate of Temporary Incapacity for Work (CITT) that sustains the 98 days of enjoyment of rest for childbirth. The deadline to request this subsidy runs from the date of the maximum postpartum period or from the end of the leave recorded in the CITT.

In the event that the active insured person cannot carry out the procedure, a third party may submit the application. To do this, the person in charge will draft a simple power of attorney signed by the owner. If payment is made by EsSaludthe letter must be signed by the legal representative of the employer’s entity.

What should I do to avoid losing the EsSalud breastfeeding benefit?

To maintain the maternity benefit benefit, policy holders in activity They must meet all the criteria from the beginning and throughout the entire period in which this lasts. Among the points that stand out EsSalud to extinguish, lose or cancel the subsidy are the following:

  • Due to loss of employment relationship.
  • Carry out paid work during the subsidy period.
  • Abandon or fail to comply with treatment and medical prescriptions.

What other benefits does EsSalud offer for its policyholders?

EsSalud It not only offers maternity benefits, but also a wide variety of financial support. These include subsidies for temporary disability, breastfeeding and funeral expenses, thus providing essential financial support during times of need. Each benefit is designed to offer a safety net that protects users and their families at critical times.

Additionally, EsSalud implements prevention and health promotion programs that complement these economic benefits, guaranteeing comprehensive coverage that goes beyond financial support.

This includes everything from vaccination campaigns to early disease detection programs, which help reduce the incidence of health problems that could result in the need for these subsidies.

How is EsSalud financed?

The system of EsSaludfunded by contributions from workers, employers and the state, ensures that all beneficiaries receive not only financial assistance, but also access to quality health services.

In a country with multiple challenges in the health sector, the efficiency and effectiveness of EsSalud In the administration of these resources they are important for the well-being of Peruvians.

Source: Larepublica

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