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73% of mining companies in Peru have problems hiring operational safety technology

73% of mining companies in Peru have problems hiring operational safety technology

Phibrand’s general manager, Cristian Mansilla, pointed out that 84% of mining companies in Peru are willing to invest or partner with suppliers to develop technologies, according to the study presented by the company at Mining Thursday, organized by the Institute of Engineers. of Mines of Peru (IIMP).

During his presentation titled “The competitiveness of mining suppliers,” the executive indicated that the main function of mining suppliers is to develop technology and then place it in the mining company, so that it can take advantage of the benefits of this innovation of sustainable practices.

“Our prospective research has to do with raising hypotheses that appear in the relationship between the mining company and suppliers, regarding how they perceive innovation and sustainable practices,” he noted.

Likewise, Mansilla highlighted that the research reveals that 73% of mining companies consider that mining suppliers should focus their efforts on innovating on operational safety, while 68% on reducing operational costs. Meanwhile, 25% prefer that they focus on reducing the carbon footprint in their operations, he highlighted.

“When we asked (mining companies) where suppliers should put the focus of innovation, they told us operational safety, operational cost reduction, equipment productivity mainly and, at the bottom, sustainability.”

At another time, the spokesperson for the Chilean company stated that 56% of mining businessmen surveyed maintain that today, it is unlikely to find a better supplier than the one I have. This idea is reinforced by the fact that 53% of respondents indicated that they have not thought about changing their technological provider to achieve efficiency in the mine’s work, the specialist explained.

“Deep down, everyone would like to change suppliers, but not everyone sees that there is a better one than the one they have. So what happens is that suppliers tend to maintain their position, and equally with innovation,” he concluded.

Source: Larepublica

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