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Executive enacts AFP withdrawal law: since when could you withdraw your money?

Executive enacts AFP withdrawal law: since when could you withdraw your money?

As announced by Minister José Arista, the Executive Branch promulgated the rule that allows affiliates withdraw up to 4 UIT from your pension funds.

  • The AFP withdrawal law was enacted: what is known about the schedule and in how many parts would the disbursement of 4 UITs be made?
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Six days after its approval in the plenary session of Congress, the Government of Dina Boluarte made official the promulgation of a law that authorizes the withdrawal of up to 4 Tax Tax Units (UIT) from the Pension Fund Administrators (AFP); That is, contributors will have the possibility of withdrawing up to 20,600 soles. The announcement was made on Wednesday the 17th in the Congress of the Republic by José Arista, Minister of Economy and Finance, who announced that the president had decided not to object to this seventh instance of withdrawal of funds.

With the recent approval of the Executive Branch, taxpayers who are interested in withdrawing their pension funds await the guidelines that will be issued by the Superintendence of Banking and Insurance (SBS). in the next 15 days.

AFP: Since when could you withdraw your money?

With the publication of Law 32002 in the official newspaper El Peruano, a new withdrawal of up to 4 UIT (S/20,600) from the AFP and an acceleration in the deadlines to implement this measure is expected. The following stages are pending:

  • According to the law, the Superintendency of Banking and Insurance (SBS) has a maximum period of 15 calendar days to establish this procedure, which would be on May 3.
  • The regulation should establish a reasonable period for the AFPs to adapt the process, which includes the creation of a schedule for submitting applications based on the DNI number, as well as the development of a specific link to manage these applications, which would be for May 13.

According to the professor and finance expert at Pacífico Business School, Jorge Carrillo Acosta, The following dates could be provided for the four withdrawals, of up to 1 UIT per term, that contributors will have available:

  • Start of the first withdrawal of up to 1 UIT (S/5,150): June 12
  • Start of the second withdrawal of up to 1 UIT (S/5,150): July 12
  • Start of the third withdrawal of up to 1 UIT (S/5,150): August 11
  • Start of the fourth withdrawal of up to 1 UIT (S/5,150): September 10.

Who will be able to access the new AFP withdrawal?

The withdrawal of up to S/20,600 from the Pension Fund Administrators (AFP) will be open to all members, both for those who are active in the workplace and for those who are not. This measure aims to provide economic relief to individuals who have been directly impacted by the economic crisis.

Law 32002, which was approved last week in the plenary session of the Congress of the Republic and now by the Executive, it has been published in the Legal Standards Bulletin of the official newspaper El Peruano.

How much do I have accumulated in my AFP?

Members of the Pension Fund Administrators (AFP) They can verify the accumulated balance in their pension fund by directly accessing the web portals of their respective AFPs. Accessing this information is essential to making informed decisions regarding withdrawal of funds and to appropriately plan your financial future.

  1. AFP Integra. Click on the following link to see the history of your contributions:
  2. AFP Premium. Go to this link and in ‘My account’ enter your ID number and password.
  3. AFP Habitat. If you want to check how much you have in your fund, click here:
  4. Profutur AFP. You can go to to check your account status.
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