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Petroperú will partner with North American De Jong Capital to operate Lot

Petroperú will partner with North American De Jong Capital to operate Lot

The consortium made up of the companies Offshore International, Aguaytía Energy del Perú and Termoselva, whose parent company is the North American De Jong Capital LLCwas awarded the good deal to accompany Petroperú in the operation of Lot

De Jong Capital LLC is a company that has worked on Lot Z-2B in Talara after the purchase of 100% of Savia in 2021, so it knows the basin.

However, the consortium has offered more than 50% of the minimum drilling activity that Perupetro launched in the bases. This will represent a burden for Petroperú as a partner, since the Peruvian state-owned company will have to pay 40% of the operating and investment budget.

Perupetro’s bases for Lot between the third and tenth year of the contract, 704 development wells and 2 exploration wells. De Jong proposed that and, in addition, another 440 of development.

Each 5,000-foot well (in Lot These 440 additional wells will be around US$330 million. De Jong’s estimated provision for said period, in which he will be responsible for 100% of the risk investments in exploration, amounts to US$800 million.

The next stage is the qualification of the consortium as operator of the old fields of the Lot, a task that, given his experience, he should successfully overcome. This Thursday they will meet with Petroperú to close the parties’ agreement on how they will conduct, as partners, the execution of the contract. The joint agreement.

“What could happen for him to be disqualified? That it is revealed that the partner or owner is involved in acts of corruption, or that he does not have the financial capacity to face the proposed program itself,” said a source close to the process.

Go for 12,000 barrels

With this magnitude of wells, the objective is to increase production and exceed 12,000 barrels per day (bpd).said another source. Today it is at 8,500 bpd, because the outgoing operator has declined investments. Perupetro even expects it to double.

“The first thing will be to restore the production that has dropped CNPCand with subsequent activity, production will increase,” he said.

Petroperú has not yet calculated the EBITDA that Lot X will leave it, but is preparing an economic run that it will present to its board of directors. The company already expects that lots I, VI and Z-69, whose combined production exceeds 7,000 bpd, will generate US$65.3 million in 2024.


  • Cross outs. The J&F Investimentos SA and Upland Oil and Gas consortium was disqualified for “lack of truthfulness” in its sworn statement.
  • Came. The Peruvian Hydrocarbons Society (SPH) welcomed the award and said that “it will allow production to continue in the northwest.”
  • Inspection. Petroperú has not yet visited the Lot X facilities, but plans to do so in the coming weeks.

Source: Larepublica

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