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Gustavo Adrianzén requests legislative powers in economic matters and the fight against insecurity

Gustavo Adrianzén requests legislative powers in economic matters and the fight against insecurity

The aim is to boost private investment and “reinforce citizen confidence,” according to the president of the Council of Ministers.

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During his presentation to Congress to request a vote of confidence in his cabinet, the president of the Council of Ministers, Gustavo Adrianzén, asked for legislative powers in order to reactivate the economy and contain citizen insecurity.

Within the document, the following points stand out:

  • The strengthening of the Development Financial Corporation SA (Cofide) and the National Fund for Financing State Business Activity (Fonafe).
  • Fiscal balance and strengthening of the tax court; as well as measures to modernize the tax system.
  • Urban development, urban and land qualification, access to housing and for strategic intervention in the area of ​​influence of the Chancay Port Terminal
  • Criminological and penitentiary policy; and in matters of national security and defense in the field of Intelligence, counterintelligence and digital security.

Among other measures, there is the simplification and regulatory quality in matters of private and public-private investment, as well as the management of public services; added to the improvement of the quality of public investment.

Adrianzén demanded the powers for 90 days, since it is important to prioritize growth through private investment, which represents 80% of total investment.

“This speech could not but focus on the two courses that the current time requires and demands of us, economic reactivation and citizen security for all Peruvians,” the prime minister said.

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