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New amount in Yape transfers available now: how much money can you receive monthly?

New amount in Yape transfers available now: how much money can you receive monthly?

Yape is a mobile application for fast and secure financial transfers in Peru, developed by the Credit Bank of Peru. It allows users to send and receive money instantly using only their cell phone number, without the need to have a bank account in the country. BCP. In addition, it provides other benefits such as payment for services, cell phone recharge and transportation cards. It is free to use and is available for Android and iOS devices.

Like other digital wallets, Yape imposes a monthly cap on the amount of money that can be received, a measure installed for security and regulatory compliance reasons. This April, the app BCP will have a change in the transfer limit. How much will it be?

What is the new maximum amount to receive in Yape?

Since April 1, Yape established a monthly limit for receiving money, set at 5 tax units (UIT), which corresponds to S/25,750. This cap is imposed as a strategy to ensure safe and effective financial administration.

For those whose income exceeds this amount, Yape provides an alternative called Yape Company.

Yape Company: what is it and what are its characteristics?

Yape Company It is an advanced solution within the platform created to optimize business management. Through this specialized profile, users have the possibility of receiving income of up to S/5 million per month, incorporating collaborators into the system and processing payments using cards.

Although the use of Yape Company It does not generate initial costs, a fee is applied for the appraisal service. The collaborator functionality is designed to improve business administration by providing restricted access.

That is, these collaborators will be able to consult daily sales without having the ability to view the total balance, make payments or carry out transactions.

What is the cost of Yape Empresa?

According to the information provided by the official website of Yape, the service does not imply any initial cost for users. However, a commission of 2.95% is applied to the total yapeos received during the day.

This fee policy is designed to support the operations and maintenance of the platform. In this way, the continuity and quality of the service offered to its users is ensured.

What financial entities use Yape?

You can register at Yape using a VISA debit card linked to any of the financial institutions listed below:

  • My bank
  • Huancayo Box
  • Ica Box
  • Piura Box
  • Sullana Box
  • Tacna Box
  • Trujillo Box
  • National bank
  • BCP

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