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Sisfoh, check my home 2024: LINK to find out if you are classified as poor or not

Sisfoh, check my home 2024: LINK to find out if you are classified as poor or not

Pay attention! Discover how you can check your family’s socioeconomic status through Sisfoh and determine if you are eligible for government benefits.

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  • Pensión 65, 2024: check HERE if you collect TODAY and check with DNI if you are a beneficiary

The Household Targeting System (Sisfoh) represents a key mechanism in the categorization of households in Peru and allows for effective segmentation of citizens. Widely recognized, the Sisfoh manages the data contained in the General Household Register, covering essential socioeconomic information to facilitate entry into different social programs and subsidies offered by the State.

To find out which socioeconomic group you fall into, you only need your DNI. Here we show you how to do it from the comfort of your home. In addition, you will be able to learn about the different categories that Sisfoh manages and what documents you need to update your socioeconomic situation in the municipality in your area. Pay attention to the details!

Sisfoh 2024: so you can see if your home is in the extreme poverty category

To check the socioeconomic status of your family, you only need your ID and connection to the web, according to the following detail:

  • Go to the official Sisfoh page here:
  • Enter your number ID and the security code displayed.
  • Fill out the requested fields, such as the role within the household (head or partner) and the dates of geographical location and issuance of your ID.
  • By selecting ‘consult’, the system will inform you in which socioeconomic category your household is located, which may be non-poor, poor, or in a situation of extreme poverty.
Sisfoh official platform.  Photo: capture

Sisfoh official platform. Photo: capture

How does Sisfoh categorize families, according to their socioeconomic level?

The Household Targeting System (Sisfoh) organizes families into three different levels, based on their economic capacity:

  1. Non-poor families: those that manage to cover the cost of the basic family basket.
  2. Poor families: their income is insufficient to cover the expenses of the basic basket.
  3. Families in extreme poverty: they face severe economic difficulties, to the point of not being able to ensure the minimum necessary for their subsistence.

How to obtain the socioeconomic classification of your family?

To be part of the General Household Register administered by Sisfoh, it is important to obtain a Socioeconomic Classification (CSE) of your family. If you do not have this, it is necessary to apply at the Local Registration Unit (ULE) belonging to your local municipality.

The ULE, operational in both provincial and district municipalities, is responsible for managing requests for socioeconomic classification (CSE). This involves the collection of family data and its subsequent submission to the Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion (Midis).

What benefits are available for families classified as poor or in extreme poverty?

If your home is in any of these categories, you can access several support programs:

  1. Together, the National Program of Direct Support to the Most Needy.
  2. Scholarship 18, offered by the National Scholarship and Educational Credit Program (Pronabec).
  3. Pensión 65, assistance program for older adults.
  4. Cuna Más, aimed at child care and attention.
  5. Contigo Program, which provides support to people with severe disabilities.
  6. Work Peru, a program that promotes temporary employment.
  7. The Energy Social Inclusion Fund (FISE), which facilitates access to energy at reduced prices.

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