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Valentine’s Day 2024: how much do Peruvians spend on purchases of erotic products?

Valentine’s Day 2024: how much do Peruvians spend on purchases of erotic products?

The less conventional gifts are becoming the protagonists of this Valentine’s Day, according to Rappi. And although flowers and chocolates remain popular, There is a growing trend of purchasing erotic products and an ally for this is delivery applications.

“We live in an era where technology and convenience are key. The ability to order intimate products through delivery service has gained popularity, especially on dates as significant as Valentine’s Day. Privacy and comfort are essential elements that our customers value,” said Gonzalo Sambra, commercial manager of Rappi Mall Andean Region.

The five types of erotic products that top the list of orders through Rappi’s allied sex shops are the sex toys (42%), lingerie (30%), vibrators (15%), lubricants (11%) and retardants (2%). This shows that less traditional gifts are becoming favorites among users, especially in the days leading up to February 14.

How much do Peruvians spend on purchases of erotic products?

According to data from the platform, Peruvians spend an average of S/120 on Valentine’s Day and approximately S/200 on erotic products. For this year, an increase of more than 35% in sales of these products is expected compared to 2023.

Besides, About 55% of these orders are made by women, especially in cities like Lima and Trujillo.

What’s new for this year is that users can use the platform’s new ‘send as a gift’ functionality. With this new option, users will be able to send an order for restaurants, e-commerce, liquor, pets and, of course, erotic products.

In order to use this service, users must select the ‘send as a gift’ option. Once this option is selected, the application will allow you to choose a virtual card that will be sent via a message along with the link to track the order.

Other options offered by Rappi for Valentine’s Day

According to the vertical of restaurantson this date there is an increase of 70% compared to the rest of the month. Burgers, pizzas and desserts are the most requested categories.

Compared with 2022, in 2023 the sales volume of chocolates and flowers increased by more than 30%. By 2024, an approximate growth of 45% is expected in these products.

Source: Larepublica

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