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Valentine’s Day: sales will recover in malls and restaurants

Valentine’s Day: sales will recover in malls and restaurants

The ties of love and friendship between Peruvians can give the boost that the country’s businesses need this year, since in the last Valentine’s campaign they did not have the expected income due to the social and political conflict that marred the celebrations.

Cevicherias tell the time

From the Association of Hotels, Restaurants and Related Services (Now Peru), they expect sales to increase by 30% next week, according to its president, Blanca Chávez, who highlights that there is optimism, since reservations are already running out.

For Chávez, 2023 was the worst year after the pandemic, since some businesses had to close for a few days and did not have the clientele they expected due to the continuous conflicts. “It was a disaster,” he says.

“We expect sales to increase by 30%. God willing up to 50%. I have asked a club, they say that they will be full, the reservations are already sold out and many restaurants too. I think we will reach the goal,” he said.

Regarding the expenditure that users will make in this type of establishment, Chávez details that the average expenditure in chicken shops is S/95 for 4 people, since on February 14 groups of friends also go out to share; In the case of cevicherías, which are also the favorite option during the summer season, the average expense is S/60 per person, which includes the main dish and a drink.

Variety.  Buchones bouquets will cost up to S/100.  Photo: diffusion

Variety. Buchones bouquets will cost up to S/100. Photo: diffusion

Along these lines, Paola Tirado, Operations Manager of the Piscis cevicheria restaurant, told La República that they are looking forward to February 14 with enthusiasm, as it is the first campaign of the year for the sector. “We have faith that we are going to do very well this year,” she says.

One of the strategies they are adopting to attract more customers is that this Wednesday they will serve until 10 pm, when their normal closing time is 6 pm. In addition, an orchestra will be in charge of livening up the atmosphere and there will be different dynamics with couples and friends. who decide to visit them at their location in San Juan de Lurigancho.

Dishes like the classic fish ceviche cost S/38, and the parmesan shells are S/36. If you are looking for Creole dishes, they offer the buffet for S/50 per person.

Technological gifts continue to boom

Shopping centers that move S/32,000 million a year expect to grow by 5% this Valentine’s Day compared to last year, which, added to the back-to-school and autumn-winter campaigns, will achieve sales of S/1,500 million only in February, details Leslie Passalacqua, president of the Retail and Distribution Guild of the Lima Chamber of Commerce (CCL). “Since this weekend we definitely feel that there is more flow of visits, and above all that it is a campaign that brings together Valentine’s Day, back to school and a preview of the autumn-winter season, for what are textiles and what which are shoes. So, there are three campaigns that have a very good synergy,” she pointed out.

The average ticket for February 14 is between S/190 and S/250, since it is taken into account that people not only buy flowers, chocolates, perfumes and accessories, but also groups of friends come to the establishments that They offer entertainment options.

Finally, Passalacqua points out that the technology sector continues to record sales peaks, since people are more familiar with these tools in their daily lives.

Buchon bouquets are the novelty

  • A classic of the celebrations for February 14 in Peru is giving flowers. For this reason, a team from this newspaper took a tour of the Piedra Liza flower market (Rímac).
  • For February 13 and 14, the central days of the sale, buchon bouquets—which are characterized by being more ostentatious and extravagant—with stuffed animals and chocolates will be available.
  • For now, one of these bouquets can be found for S/60, they have 12 roses and a balloon with a personalized message; However, its price could reach up to S/100, according to a merchant.

Source: Larepublica

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